The Bachelor in Management of TBS in a nutshell

15 November 2018

The Bachelor in Management of TBS Barcelona has a clear objective: the employability of its students. To achieve this, it is based on two pillars: the internationalisation of its students and their professionalisation.

Students with an international perspective

The Bachelor in Management is structured to offer a multi-campus experience to students, being able to study each of the three years in different countries. Upon graduation, they are able to work anywhere in the world.

The students of TBS Barcelona are in a campus where 62% of the students are international (neither Spanish nor French). In addition, they learn from teachers who come from countries as different as Tunisia, Canada, Germany or Italy, among others.

Finally, when a student finishes his time at school, he has had the chance to become trilingual thanks to the Bachelor’s approach to learning new languages (English, French, German, Chinese and Spanish).

Students with professional experience

As for the acquisition of experience and skills in the workplace, the students of TBS Barcelona carry out three internship programs in the business world. At the end of their first year, they spend at least 8 weeks working on sales. After their second year, another 8 weeks in the business area of their choice, and in the third year, 16 weeks in project management.

In addition, TBS Barcelona helps its students in their job training through the Career Starter service, which prepares them to get the job they want. The Business Starter service guides students who want to create their own business.

Students with a social conscience

The Bachelor in Management integrates the Citizen Service module. Its objective is to promote the sense of responsibility and awareness of the reality of our society, through 50 hours of volunteering service in solidarity organizations.

The result at the end of the Bachelor is a student with an international perspective, conscience, familiar with the selection processes and with professional experience. This leads to 95% of TBS Barcelona students finding work in less than 6 months after graduation. The formula of employability is a reality, and it works.


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