6 keys for dealing with a toxic co-worker in a team

27 March 2019

Teamwork is fundamental to the optimal development of companies. If a team is cohesive, works harmoniously and has established common [...]

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Holidays in Spain

19 July 2018

Factorial, the Barcelona-based startup which manages holidays, medical leave and the absences of a company’s workforce, has published a [...]

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Top Companies 2018 ranking published by Linkedin

12 April 2018

Linkedin has recently published, by third time, the ranking of the more attractive companies to work in the United States. The results [...]

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22 February: Equal Pay Day

22 February 2018

Did you know that in Spain women have to work 418 days (365 days + 53) to get the same pay than men? This is why today the Equal Pay [...]

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Coworking: a new way to grow

12 February 2018

The digital age has created countless opportunities for starting a business, and earning money from home has become increasingly [...]

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Evolution of work 2.0

30 November 2017

In an effort to better understand what workers consider when deciding to stay at their current job or accept a new position, ADP [...]

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Does working more hours translate to more productivity?

23 November 2017

This is a question that every business owner or manager has asked themselves. Conventional wisdom might suggest that if you put in more [...]

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Biophilia in the workplace

25 May 2017

I recently read an article from BBC discussing biophilia (the affinity that humans have with the natural world) in the workplace. It [...]

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Never reply to an email straight away

22 February 2017

Before replying to an email, practice the 5-Minute rule Chris Matyszczyk advises clients about advertising and marketing through his [...]

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