Knowing how to communicate in crisis situations

27 November 2019

Let’s say it loud and clear: in negative or crisis situations, companies are not ready to communicate. On this basis, it is wise to [...]

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Video marketing is the king

24 July 2019

We all love watching videos. We are thirsty consumers of the audio-visual format. We spend the day watching them on our social networks [...]

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Tips to boost a business on Instagram

05 March 2018

Social networks are powerful tools to reach potential customers, and everyone knows it. Nowadays, when undertaking any business [...]

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Let infographics into your life!

10 May 2017

A recently published article from Hubspot, explains the science behind how including images in, for example, the posts we make on [...]

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Do you use LinkedIn? Here are some things you should know about it

03 May 2017

LinkedIn is one of the most commonly used professional social platforms. Whether you already have a profile on this network or are [...]

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