Personal branding and its power

02 October 2019

Is Personal Branding a fad? This concept swept across the globe following Tom Peters’ article “The Brand Called You”, published in 1997 [...]

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Video marketing is the king

24 July 2019

We all love watching videos. We are thirsty consumers of the audio-visual format. We spend the day watching them on our social networks [...]

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Digital marketing for a liquid society

14 May 2019

According to sociologist Zygmunt Bauman (1925–2017), we live in the era of liquid modernity. This concept deftly defines the 21st [...]

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Brands with a soul

28 February 2019

Consumers have changed a lot. Years ago, in a shopping cart we could find oranges, melons, bread or milk. Today, there are [...]

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3 Ways to Make Use of Artificial Intelligence in Your Marketing Strategy

19 March 2018

Many digital marketing experts are saying that artificial intelligence will be the big story of 2018. But when they say “artificial [...]

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Tips to boost a business on Instagram

05 March 2018

Social networks are powerful tools to reach potential customers, and everyone knows it. Nowadays, when undertaking any business [...]

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How to establish the personality of your new business?

15 December 2017

When we are in the initial stages of an entrepreneurial project, we have many elements to consider: the product or service we will [...]

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Fast-fashion and multichannel: the future of fashion industry

20 July 2017

Interview with fashion marketing specialist Jean Marc Rejaud Jean Marc Rejaud, professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New [...]

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Let infographics into your life!

10 May 2017

A recently published article from Hubspot, explains the science behind how including images in, for example, the posts we make on [...]

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