Holidays in Spain

19 July 2018

Factorial, the Barcelona-based startup which manages holidays, medical leave and the absences of a company’s workforce, has published a [...]

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Relax in the office (while you are waiting for the holidays)

25 July 2017

If you are still waiting for the holidays and you need to use the computer for hours without time for a break, we recommend you these [...]

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You haven’t planned your summer holiday yet? Do you need ideas?

29 June 2017

Do you like going to the beach or are you more interested in learning about the culture and history of your chosen destination? Maybe [...]

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No plans for Easter? Here are some ideas for you

06 April 2017

So you have a few days off and you’re staying in Barcelona? Never fear, whether you like Easter or not, Barcelona and its surroundings [...]

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Top 10 TED Talks 2016 – EsencialBlog Holiday Break

23 December 2016

As usual, we take a break for Christmas holidays, but we’ll be back on January 9th! We wish you happy holidays and bid farewell [...]

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