Around the world in startups

17 July 2019

Do you want to launch your own startup? We propose you to travel to 7 cities with a large capital investment for this type of emerging [...]

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Entrepreneurs listen hard. Entrepreneurship in the Summer School

09 July 2018

  TBS Professor Ed Gonsalves: “There is an obsession with originality in entrepreneurship” Ed Gonsalves is an associated professor [...]

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Spain GEM Report 2017-2018

26 April 2018

The Informe Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) España 2017-18 (Spain GEM Report) has been recently published by the Asociación RED [...]

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Finance terminology for entrepreneurs

23 October 2017

For newcomers to the entrepreneurial world, finance-related terminology often sounds like a language from another planet. More than a [...]

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The jockey or the horse: which do investors prefer?

11 September 2017

Very often, entrepreneurs are obsessed with their first ideas. Everyone thinks they have “the new Facebook”, or “the new Instagram” or [...]

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10 ways of obtaining finance for your entrepreneurial project (part II)

31 July 2017

In the previous article we began an overview of 20 ways in which your entrepreneurial business could obtain finance. We reviewed the [...]

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‘Bootstrapping’, or how not to lose control of your entrepreneurial business

23 July 2017

One of the main fears of every entrepreneur is related to losing control of their business or organisation. This is understandable [...]

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10 ways of obtaining finance for your entrepreneurial project

16 July 2017

Beginning an entrepreneurial project is not easy. There are many reasons for this difficulty, and money is not the least of them. To a [...]

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Repeatable and scalable: the two keys to convincing an investor

25 June 2017

We have heard this question a thousand times: what is it that convinces investors to place their money in one business or another? In [...]

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