Knowing how to communicate in crisis situations

27 November 2019

Let’s say it loud and clear: in negative or crisis situations, companies are not ready to communicate. On this basis, it is wise to [...]

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Digital marketing for a liquid society

14 May 2019

According to sociologist Zygmunt Bauman (1925–2017), we live in the era of liquid modernity. This concept deftly defines the 21st [...]

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The key role of communication in the sustainability of fashion houses

21 June 2018

As part of the “Fashion Communication” elective course organised at TBS Barcelona, fashion designer and consultant M. Mehr gave a [...]

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New acquisitions available in the library

01 March 2018

Here you have some new acquisitions about studying and career management that are available in the library: Buzan’s study skills: [...]

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Christmas 2017: television ads

21 December 2017

Like every year, many companies launch TV ads before Christmas, some promoting their products, others using fun animations, but almost [...]

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Let infographics into your life!

10 May 2017

A recently published article from Hubspot, explains the science behind how including images in, for example, the posts we make on [...]

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