TOP 10. The best Christmas TV spots

16 December 2019

A range of key elements must be present for a Christmas TV spot to be effective and memorable. In the last Esencial Blog post entitled [...]

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Merry Advertising

27 November 2019

It’s not carols, shopping, twinkly lights or trees ready to be decorated that mark the beginning of the Christmas campaign – it’s [...]

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Christmas 2017: television ads

21 December 2017

Like every year, many companies launch TV ads before Christmas, some promoting their products, others using fun animations, but almost [...]

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Top 10 TED Talks 2016 – EsencialBlog Holiday Break

23 December 2016

As usual, we take a break for Christmas holidays, but we’ll be back on January 9th! We wish you happy holidays and bid farewell [...]

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