Register of the citizen gifts in Barcelona

31 August 2017

During last Monday night the Barcelona City Council moved he gifts left in La Rambla since the attack on the 17th away. There is still one point where people can leave their presents, at the very beginning of La Rambla.

All the objects will be registered by the Catalonia History Museum, MUHBA, and City Archive teams. The process will valuate and document “this jewel of the popular memory of the city”, as Gerardo Pisarello, First Deputy Major of Barcelona, defined it. This process is based on the one managed by the Paris City Council after the terrorist attack of November 2015.

Besides, the teams will also digitalize the book of condolence that de Council offered to the citizens to express their solidarity with the victims so it can be consulted online. If interested, you can still sign in the virtual book of condolence.

We will have to wait until we can see how these proceses evolve and consult the compiled documents that will be part of the city history heritage.


Chus García, TBS Barcelona library manager


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