Why Such Lack of Coherence Between US and EU Data Privacy Law?

12 November 2019

By: Gregory Voss, Associate Professor, TBS Business School (Toulouse, France) This piece originally appeared in the blog of the [...]

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The best companies to work for in 2019

08 November 2019

A good salary is one of the main reasons for someone deciding to accept a new position. But there are many others that can ultimately [...]

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The trends that will define the future of digital marketing

07 November 2019

The new year is fast approaching, so you should make sure that you are up to date on the innovations and new trends set to dominate [...]

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Should one be guided by intuition or by information?

06 November 2019

Many people say that when one has to take a decision, the best way is to trust one’s instincts or intuition, but is that really a good [...]

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Femvertising: imparting equality.

15 October 2019

Femvertising is a concept which includes feminism and advertising. Naturally, it leads to debate. Is it a real commitment or a sales [...]

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Personal branding and its power

02 October 2019

Is Personal Branding a fad? This concept swept across the globe following Tom Peters’ article “The Brand Called You”, published in 1997 [...]

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4 mistakes that leaders make

18 September 2019

We often talk about the importance of properly practicing leadership within organizations and how this can have a considerable impact. [...]

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Why do you study for a diploma if you are not going to use it when you get it?

21 August 2019

The title of this article is deliberately misleading: it is not an article about people who finish a course of study and then start [...]

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Video marketing is the king

24 July 2019

We all love watching videos. We are thirsty consumers of the audio-visual format. We spend the day watching them on our social networks [...]

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