10 ways of obtaining finance for your entrepreneurial project (part II)

31 July 2017

In the previous article we began an overview of 20 ways in which your entrepreneurial business could obtain finance. We reviewed the [...]

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Relax in the office (while you are waiting for the holidays)

25 July 2017

If you are still waiting for the holidays and you need to use the computer for hours without time for a break, we recommend you these [...]

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‘Bootstrapping’, or how not to lose control of your entrepreneurial business

23 July 2017

One of the main fears of every entrepreneur is related to losing control of their business or organisation. This is understandable [...]

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Fast-fashion and multichannel: the future of fashion industry

20 July 2017

Interview with fashion marketing specialist Jean Marc Rejaud Jean Marc Rejaud, professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New [...]

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10 ways of obtaining finance for your entrepreneurial project

16 July 2017

Beginning an entrepreneurial project is not easy. There are many reasons for this difficulty, and money is not the least of them. To a [...]

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Digital Marketing: 10 trends you should be aware of

11 July 2017

Digital marketing is still on the rise, finding more and more innovative ways to promote products, brands and businesses. The steps [...]

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Things not to do when preparing a PowerPoint II: to have no structure

09 July 2017

All right, we now know that one does not begin to prepare a presentation by opening the PowerPoint. But once we are clear about the [...]

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Great Place to Work European Ranking 2017

06 July 2017

Great Place to Work, an international company that specialises in human resources research and management consultancy, recently [...]

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The Most Common Errors When Preparing a SWOT Analysis

02 July 2017

A SWOT Analysis is a simple yet powerful tool that allows us to locate ourselves in a specific scenario or market. Furthermore, it has [...]

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