What nobody knows about being a leader

13 November 2017

The secret of leadership by Simon Sinek Becoming a recognized leader demands having a mindset not everybody has. As Simon Sinek points [...]

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What do your clients really want from your agency?

10 November 2017

Surely, you must be thinking that your company specializes in digital marketing or web design; however the most important area of your [...]

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WEF Gender Gap Report : parity stalls in 2017

02 November 2017

The Global Gender Gap Report is published annually by the World Economic Forum. The new edition is a research collaboration with [...]

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All Saints and Halloween in Barcelona

26 October 2017

All Saints (Tots Sants in Catalan) is dedicated to the memory of the forbears and includes Christian and Celtic elements and rituals. [...]

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Finance terminology for entrepreneurs

23 October 2017

For newcomers to the entrepreneurial world, finance-related terminology often sounds like a language from another planet. More than a [...]

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The risks of flexibility in the workplace

17 October 2017

Interview about labour flexibility to Finn Janning, PhD, associate lecturer at the Bachelor in Business Administration of TBS Barcelona [...]

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How to learn Chinese in a different way

05 October 2017

Are you learning Chinese and finding it harder than you thought? We have a fun and colourful solution for you: Taiwanese artist ShaoLan [...]

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How important are patents for innovation?

02 October 2017

Yancy Vaillant, new professor and researcher in the Innovation and Strategy Department of TBS Barcelona answer to the question How [...]

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OECD report: Education at a Glance 2017

28 September 2017

OECD has recently published the 2017 edition of their “Education at a Glance” report, which offers an overview of the state [...]

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