Advertising after COVID-19

23 April 2020

Only a few weeks ago, we were seeing advertisements for perfumes depicting intertwined lovers kissing, adverts for dinosaur biscuits [...]

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Creativity in the company

31 March 2020

Are we all creative? I always say that creativity can be learned. You have to think of it as if it were a muscle – something that we [...]

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Teleworking: A challenge for business

24 March 2020

A few days ago, Fortune magazine asserted that “owing to the outbreak in Wuhan, which has been given the name of ‘Covid-19’, hundreds [...]

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The 8 unmissable trade fairs of 2020 (II)

17 February 2020

A few days ago we brought you a selection of this year’s most important trade fairs and conferences related to the world of [...]

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Gradually breaking the glass ceiling

14 February 2020

“I have been told, on several occasions, that the progress of women within middle management is ‘reducing the importance’ of [...]

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The future of jobs is already here

24 January 2020

One of the great challenges of the business world is predicting which jobs will grow and which will disappear. Several companies and [...]

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The 8 unmissable trade fairs of 2020 (I)

17 January 2020

2020 is going to be packed with events related to business, technology and startups. Three sectors that for years have walked hand in [...]

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TOP 10. The best Christmas TV spots

16 December 2019

A range of key elements must be present for a Christmas TV spot to be effective and memorable. In the last Esencial Blog post entitled [...]

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The 5 sectors for success with your startup

10 December 2019

Startups made a strong entrance into the business world and they are here to stay. Their presence is on the rise in Spain, with Madrid [...]

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