Things we should never do with Powerpoint (1/10)

21 May 2017

I still occasionally come across articles as infuriating as this one, which suggest that PowerPoint (or any other digital-slide based [...]

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Tips for public speaking

18 May 2017

Not many people feel comfortable when speaking in front of an audience, but for a lot of us it can be an inescapable commitment. [...]

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Areas of influence in the diagnosis of a scenario or marketplace

15 May 2017

The 90% of unsuccessful projects fail due to an inadequate diagnosis of the starting point, the scenario on which to act, or the [...]

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10 tips for getting inspired and writing better

12 May 2017

You may be experiencing a period of poor creativity, or you might simply want to become a more creative and effective person. If you [...]

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Let infographics into your life!

10 May 2017

A recently published article from Hubspot, explains the science behind how including images in, for example, the posts we make on [...]

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KPIs (or how to improve the control of your organisation) vol. II

07 May 2017

In the first article of this series on KPIs we established the basic concepts regarding this subject: What are they? Why are they [...]

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Do you use LinkedIn? Here are some things you should know about it

03 May 2017

LinkedIn is one of the most commonly used professional social platforms. Whether you already have a profile on this network or are [...]

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KPIs (or how to improve the control of your organisation) vol. I

30 April 2017

74% of organisations which are considered leaders in their sectors use KPIs as a fundamental element in their management. It is as [...]

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Unmissable advertising campaigns: BiC pens in exchange for creativity

27 April 2017

Let’s continue with the series of posts about surprising advertising campaigns. This time we bring you the original campaign created [...]

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