New technologies: What about the pedagogical revolution?

21 January 2019

The difficulty to evolve from classic university lectures started before the development of new technologies. But how can those [...]

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Editorial by our Director of Studies: The path is made by walking

17 January 2019

I was asked the other day what the differentiating factor of the TBS Bachelor is, and in response, I recited the whole well-practiced [...]

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What hinders innovation?

10 January 2019

That innovation is one of the key factors in economic growth is nothing new. However, European countries continue to face significant [...]

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Cheers in China!

12 December 2018

International Marketing Strategies of Spanish Wine Exporters Due to the globalization of the wine sector and the increase in [...]

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The role of personality in employee commitment

07 December 2018

Most people would like to work in a place where they can participate and give them rewarding feelings. This aspiration is embodied in a [...]

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The key to making sure your hotel guests come back

28 November 2018

How do you make a hotel stay memorable for your guests? Joaquín Egea, Sales Deputy Manager at Pullman Barcelona Skipper Hotel, sums up [...]

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The Bachelor in Management of TBS in a nutshell

15 November 2018

The Bachelor in Management of TBS Barcelona has a clear objective: the employability of its students. To achieve this, it is based on [...]

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The Future of Jobs Report 2018

05 November 2018

The Fourth Industrial Revolution 2018-2022   New edition of the World Economic Forum (The Future of Jobs Report 2018) The labour [...]

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Gen Y and Z: Why companies should adapt their working environment

30 October 2018

Flexibility, dynamism, mobility, creativity, passion, innovation… these are some words that come to mind when we ask new generations [...]

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