The Bachelor in Management of TBS in a nutshell

15 November 2018

The Bachelor in Management of TBS Barcelona has a clear objective: the employability of its students. To achieve this, it is based on [...]

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The Future of Jobs Report 2018

05 November 2018

The Fourth Industrial Revolution 2018-2022   New edition of the World Economic Forum (The Future of Jobs Report 2018) The labour [...]

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Gen Y and Z: Why companies should adapt their working environment

30 October 2018

Flexibility, dynamism, mobility, creativity, passion, innovation… these are some words that come to mind when we ask new generations [...]

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An Employer Branding strategy: generating authentic brand ambassadors from the HR department

22 October 2018

Times change, and with the existing scarcity of talent, the most pioneering organizations are positioning people at their core in order [...]

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Welcome to the TBS Community

25 September 2018

The Welcome Week is a very special moment at TBS Barcelona. It’s the start of a three-year adventure for new Bachelor students. It’s [...]

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Territorial servitization and the manufacturing renaissance

19 September 2018

The competitiveness of manufacturing businesses increasingly relies on their ability to introduce value-adding services into their [...]

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How to create a successful strategy for your corporate Twitter account

27 August 2018

Every business needs a social media strategy. So if you are using Twitter as your business or company’s main social network, it’s time [...]

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Are you going to travel in Europe this summer?

26 July 2018

If so, we recommend you to check this free guide “Travelling in Europe 2017-2018” published by the European Union and [...]

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Wason’s card game and the biases in the search for information

19 July 2018

Wason’s card game is a classic psychological experiment used to understand people’s reasoning (Johnson-Laird & Wason, [...]

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