Motivation techniques: essential reminders

23 March 2017

Nobody said it would be easy, and in fact, maintaining or increasing the motivation of workers is a huge challenge. There are many [...]

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MISAKO: fast-fashion goods, accessibility culture and logistic efficiency

15 March 2017

Claire Dagois, student of Fashion & Luxury of Master in Marketing, talks about their visit at MISAKO Last Monday 27th of February, [...]

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What is a plan?

13 March 2017

A plan is a compromise. With whom? With ourselves. It is the promise that we have made with ourselves to work well, effectively, [...]

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What mistakes should you avoid when designing the buyer persona for your business?

08 March 2017

Mistakes can become our best teachers. Of course, one should keep in mind that even though buyer personas are essential when [...]

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Never reply to an email straight away

22 February 2017

Before replying to an email, practice the 5-Minute rule Chris Matyszczyk advises clients about advertising and marketing through his [...]

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Top 10 TED Talks 2016 – EsencialBlog Holiday Break

23 December 2016

As usual, we take a break for Christmas holidays, but we’ll be back on January 9th! We wish you happy holidays and bid farewell [...]

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Should you start your own business?

02 September 2016

Have you ever wondered in you would do well in your very own company? Do you have a business idea that you think would make a [...]

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How to apply what you learn in class to an internship?

31 August 2016

Knowledge transfer from class to internship Many students have difficulties to link what they learn in class with what they do in the [...]

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What is what in masters? MSc, MBA and MA explained

25 August 2016

When considering a Master’s degree, one can feel overwhelmed by the large choice and types of masters. For those thinking about [...]

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