Planning. That is useless!

24 April 2017

“Planning is useless!” is something I have heard myself say on a few occasions. But let’s make things clear. Planning is not [...]

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Paper or electronic books?

20 April 2017

It’s obvious that both formats have their advantages. Electronic books can be read on lightweight mobile devices that don’t take up [...]

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No plans for Easter? Here are some ideas for you

06 April 2017

So you have a few days off and you’re staying in Barcelona? Never fear, whether you like Easter or not, Barcelona and its surroundings [...]

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Freelancetudent: visit to the 4YFN and the Mobile World Congress 2017

03 April 2017

A month before the Startup Bootcamp, we were all talking about our strong will to attend a global business congress. For all business [...]

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Advertising campaigns not to be missed: Apotek Hjärtat against smoking

27 March 2017

Here we are, back again with the blog series about innovative and inspiring advertising campaigns. This time we have a campaign [...]

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Motivation techniques: essential reminders

23 March 2017

Nobody said it would be easy, and in fact, maintaining or increasing the motivation of workers is a huge challenge. There are many [...]

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MISAKO: fast-fashion goods, accessibility culture and logistic efficiency

15 March 2017

Claire Dagois, student of Fashion & Luxury of Master in Marketing, talks about their visit at MISAKO Last Monday 27th of February, [...]

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What is a plan?

13 March 2017

A plan is a compromise. With whom? With ourselves. It is the promise that we have made with ourselves to work well, effectively, [...]

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What mistakes should you avoid when designing the buyer persona for your business?

08 March 2017

Mistakes can become our best teachers. Of course, one should keep in mind that even though buyer personas are essential when [...]

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