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He For She: A solidarity movement for Gender Equality co-hosted by Emma Watson

“The movement for gender equality was originally conceived as a struggle led only by women for women. In recent years men have begun to stand-up in addressing inequalities and discrimination faced by women and girls”. This is how the He For She movement is introduced in its website. Alas, it is unfortunately too common to think about feminism as an extremist movement, too often [...]

What exactly is “Big Data”?

Big Data is a more o less new concept present everywhere nowadays. Certainly all of you have read or listen it several times, but which is it exactly? Here you are a good definition according to SAS: Big Data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured. And big data may be as important to bu [...]

Barcelona StartUp Map

El Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, a través de su organismo Barcelona Activa, lanzó en el mes de junio la plataforma Barcelona StartUp Map, un recurso para dar más visibilidad a este tipo de empresas y así conectarlas entre sí a la vez que con posibles inversores, e informarlas de recursos como incubadoras o centros de formación a su disposición. La herramienta qui [...]

Learn marketing with Don Draper from Mad Men

You may have noticed: Esencial blog loves series. And with Mad Men approaching its final season (the real one), it seemed right to gather together some of the best marketing lessons Don Draper teached us. That’s right: it’s possible to learn while watching your favourite series. In fact, Matthew Weiner, the show’s creator, explained to Wealth Management magaz [...]

BookBook: Ikea se apropia del estilo Apple para presentar su catálogo 2015

El esfuerzo que hace Ikea para sorprendernos cada año con el lanzamiento de su catálogo es destacable, sobre todo para una empresa que ya cuenta con una fuerte fidelización a su marca. Mientras que el año pasado la estrella era un catálogo con realidad aumentada, este año se apropia del estilo Apple (y nada casual que sea en la misma semana de la presentación [...]

Mobile tourism: how connected consumers are transforming travel

Definitely worth to share the infographic by Somo summarizing the main data on mobile tourism from several sources and its impact on the sector. Some details: > 30 million people are hunting for travel content every month, exclusively on mobile. > From research to purchase to actually experiencing the trip, travellers are always connected and active on their [...]

Startups Anonymous: Where entrepreneurs can find support anonymously

Everyone can take a bad decision. Or be afraid to ask for advice on a sensitive matter. But if you are an entrepreneur, your decisions may have important consequences for your employees, your business or your professional perfomance. That’s why Dana Severson and Nick Ciske created “Startups Anonymous”, a website that aims to be “kinda AA for startups”. Seve [...]

10 professional photographers based around the world worth following on Instagram

 1. Adam Ferguson - Australian photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand.   2. Natalie Naccache - British-Lebanese photographer based in Beirut, Lebanon, covering modern Arab society.   3. Marcus Bleasdale - National Geographic photographer with a focus on human rights conflict. [...]

Plataformas online para la proyección profesional: Jobr

Que la búsqueda de empleo ha pasado al móvil parece un hecho, y plataformas comoLinkedin ya han desarrollado sus apps, mientras nuevos servicios aparecen ya diseñados directamente en este formato. Jobr aspira a ser un fácil puente entre personas y empresas que tienen vacantes, con información tan relevante como la que incluye nuestro perfil en Linkedin, pero con [...]

How brands take advantage of viral phenomena: The Ice Bucket Challenge

What a wild world is marketing, always searching for originality and re-invention! This freshness quest, however, does not usually imply that marketers or CEOs need to actually do something. But since the raise of Social Media, the rules have changed. Brands know very well the power of social media to reach people, and viral phenomena are perfect to get people talk a [...]
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